Rental Information for the Uxbridge Music Hall

To rent the Music Hall, please contact the facility booking clerk Karen Ryl at: 905-852-6761


Technical Specifications for the Music Hall

Technical Manager: Joel Myslik 416-707-8255



Seating Capacities

Main Floor 228 (without tables or alcohol)

Main Floor 117 (Dancing with tables)

Main Floor 155 (Dining, tables and chairs)

Main Floor 180 (Chairs and tables - Other)

Balcony 162

Lower Level 57 (East room including cloak room and washrooms)

Lower Level 46 (West room - Kitchen and mirrored room)

Lower Level 46 (North room - Primary cast change room including washrooms)

Lower Level  (South room - Secondary cast change room)





MA dot 2 core with LED capability.

60 dimmer pack

ALTSPOT 1000W followspot

Trouperette Followspot

6 LED Source4

12 parcans

9 fresnels

4 Source4 26 degree

8 Source4 19 degree

6 Source4 14 degree

6 Colortran

6 Elipsoidal

7 Cyc lights (2 red, 2 yellow, 3 green)


Gobos: Various.  Please email us for more information.





Bheringer X32 with 16 channel digital snake.

Allen and Heath GL 2400 mixer

Mackie 1202-VLZ 12 channel mixer

EV CPS2.4 digital amplifier

EV CPS2.6 digital amplifier

EV CPS2.8 digital amplifier

BLU-16 digital processor

NAD amplifier

Sony EQ


2 Tannoy V6 speakers

2 Tannoy V8 speakers

2 Tannoy V10 speakers

2 Tannoy V12 speakers



Approximately 8 wireless lapel microphones.

3wired hand held microphones

4 DI




Digital Projector: Panasonic PT-D3500U with manual screen (18'W X 14'H)



Curtains ~

Main red curtains: 172"H X 22'W

Black traveller: 14'H X 21'W

Cyc curtain: 14'H X 21'W

Scrim curtain: 14'H X 21'W

4 Legs: 14'H X 5'W

Teasers: 3'H X 21'W


Outside digital display case

Inside display case poster size: Max: 26W X 38H

Stage dimensions: Stage blueprint

Distance from floor to bottom of stage: approximately 38"

Loading door dimensions:

Main doors: (front) 70"W X 89"H

Balcony doors: 34"W X 88"H

Main doors: (inside) 43"W X 81"H

North Exit loading doors: 31"W X 81"H


Touring Disconnect: 100amp touring disconnect














Download forms and information for:



Technical Rider

Seating plan

Stage blueprint

Lighting plot

Sound plot

Operations Manual (Also known as the "Red" book)

Pre-inspection forms

Music Performance rights



Accident report forms

Operations Manual (Also known as the "Red" book)

Cue sheet

Lighting plot

Sound plot



Post-inspection form


General Downloads:

Music Hall Stage

Music Hall Main Floor

Music Hall Balcony

Music Hall Basement





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