Promoting your event can be challenging.  Here are some free, or nearly free options for you to consider.

The Music Hall will... 

umh1. The Uxbridge Music Hall sends out a monthly newsletter to its patrons at the beginning of each month.  Send us something fun you'd like to see in the newsletter.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2. The Uxbridge Music Hall puts complimentary banners up for performances ranging longer or equal to 2 weeks.  Send us your info by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If your event is less than 14 days and you'd still like to have a banner up for your performance for as long as possible leading up to your event, send us a message and we can get you a quote or other information for your very own banner.

3. With enough notice, the Township of Uxbridge puts out a Recreation Guide seasonally and lists upcoming events in their calendar, which is sent to thousands of individuals.  This service is free; however you need to meet the deadline.  Speak to the Community Services Coordinator about this if you are interested.

4. The Music Hall has digital display cases to promote your event.  There is a display case outside for advertising your poster, as well as two display cases inside the lobby for both upcoming event posters as well as short running videos.  Email/Contact the Technical Manager for information on this. Maximum resolution 300dpi, no larger than 1500px wide. .jpg/.png and youtube formats.

5: There is an outdoor digital road sign that you might find helpful as well to get your event listed.  Please fill out the form here.

The Production Company will...OSU

1. Notify the Uxbridge Music Hall of anything that you want to use in order to promote your event.  ie. newsletter information, banner information, Uxbridge Recreation Guide information... etc.

2. List your event (for free) on the following sites:

Discover Uxbridge and Central Counties, Region of Durham Region Tourism10 Times.comKX96FM105.5 Hits FMCKDO 107.7Durham Rogers TVGlobal News DurhamDurhamRegion.comTownship of UxbridgeSnap Stouffville/UxbridgeThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

3. Offer ticket contests on the radio or in the local newspapers.

4. Put up posters in local stores.

5. Cross promote with shows around you - in other venues, in other towns, and in Uxbridge.  Having your event listed on the programs from earlier shows happening at the Uxbridge Music Hall is always great.  You've got a captive audience that is already interested in attending shows. You can do this by making a large format poster (24 x 36 inches) and getting it to the Technical Manager at least 2 weeks before the previous show starts or asking the producer of the previous show if you can have a small listing in their program.

6. Email past purchasers - patrons that have gone to your shows in the past are more likely to return.  Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) allows you to email all of the patrons that have attended your shows within the last two years - regardless if they've signed up for your newsletters.  Think of the potential 'bums in seats'.

7. Offer table tent cards to local restaurants and see if they will put them on their tables.  This is the perfect type of person to whom to advertise - they are your captive audience. They're already out in Uxbridge spending money and are looking to do something while waiting for their food to arrive - perhaps they'll read your ad.

8. Dress up in costume and go out shopping - make yourself visible in Uxbridge.  Make sure to take some small flyers with you.

9. Make short videos (15 seconds or so) and post them on Youtube and other social media sites. Most videos that are longer than 15 seconds won't be watched to the end.  Be creative, use a green-screen or some small props from your show. (Be cautious of copyright law and the information that you post publicly.  Make sure you stay within the boundary that your copyright states)

Your Social Media Expert will...

socialmedia1. If your organization doesn't already use social media platforms, create accounts - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram...

2. Talk about your event on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms - on your own account as well as the accounts listed below.

3. Create an event on facebook.

4. Tag different businesses and individuals on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by adding an @ before the name.  ie: @UxMusicHall or @Uxbridge Music Hall - depending on the social media outlet used.  Typical local businesses you can tag are:

Twitter: Uxbridge Music Hall: @Uxmusichall
Instagram: Uxbridge Music Hall: @Uxmusichall
Facebook: Uxbridge Music Hall: @Uxmusichall
Facebook: StarTicketing: @StarTicketing (Ticketing vendor for Music Hall events)
Facebook: SugarFX: @SugarFx (Uxbridge ticketing outlet for Music Hall events)
Facebook: @Live Theatre in Durham Region

Tagging different businesses and individuals that are involved will send your post to their feed and then their friends will see the information on your event.

5. Boosting Facebook posts, for just a few dollars, will spread the word even more.  And when you boost a post on Facebook, it's sent to Instagram automatically.

6. Hashtag different interests that might bring new people to your social media site.  ie: #theatre, #comedy, #excellentshow, #dramaqueen ...

And most of all... keep your advertising consistent and constant.  Consistent looking advertising with the same style will trigger the potential purchasers to think about all of the other ads that you've put out there and will remind them to get their tickets.  It might even entice the ticket purchaser to encourage others to get tickets to your great event.

**Some links listed on this page may require you to register.

***All of the suggestions are not sure-fire methods to selling tickets for your event, but may certainly help to get the word out.  The key is getting the word out that you're doing another great show.

The Uxbridge Music Hall Advisory Board, Township of Uxbridge, its affiliates, subsidiaries, contractors, employees or individuals involved with the Uxbridge Music Hall make no guarantees on the success of any such event.  The use of this information is used and interpreted at the risk of the user.