Rental Information for the Uxbridge Music Hall

To rent the Music Hall, please contact the facility booking clerk Karen Ryl at: 905-852-6761


Technical Specifications for the Music Hall

Technical Manager: Joel Myslik 416-707-8255



Seating Capacities

Main Floor 228 (without tables or alcohol)

Main Floor 117 (Dancing with tables)

Main Floor 155 (Dining, tables and chairs)

Main Floor 180 (Chairs and tables - Other)

Balcony 162

Lower Level 57 (East room including cloak room and washrooms)

Lower Level 46 (West room - Kitchen and mirrored room)

Lower Level 46 (North room - Primary cast change room including washrooms)

Lower Level  (South room - Secondary cast change room)





MA dot 2 core with LED capability.

60 dimmer pack

ALTSPOT 1000W followspot

Trouperette Followspot

2 MAC Quantum profile movable LED 

6 LED Source4

12 parcans

4 fresnels

4 Source4 26 degree

8 Source4 19 degree

6 Source4 14 degree

7 Cyc lights (2 red, 2 yellow, 3 green)


Gobos: Various.  Please email us for more information.





Bheringer X32 with 16 channel digital snake.

Allen and Heath GL 2400 mixer

Mackie 1202-VLZ 12 channel mixer

EV CPS2.4 digital amplifier

EV CPS2.6 digital amplifier

EV CPS2.8 digital amplifier

BLU-16 digital processor

NAD amplifier

Sony EQ


2 Tannoy V6 speakers

2 Tannoy V8 speakers

2 Tannoy V10 speakers

2 Tannoy V12 speakers



Approximately 8 wireless lapel microphones.

3 wireless hand held microphones

2 wired hand held microphones

4 DI




Digital Projector: Panasonic PT-D3500U with manual screen (18'W X 14'H)



Curtains ~

Main red curtains: 172"H X 22'W

Black traveller: 14'H X 21'W

Cyc curtain: 14'H X 21'W

Scrim curtain: 14'H X 21'W

4 Legs: 14'H X 5'W

Teasers: 3'H X 21'W

Stage dimensions: Stage blueprint



Outside digital display case

Inside display case poster size: Max: 26W X 38H

Loading door dimensions:

Main doors: (front) 70"W X 89"H

Balcony doors: 34"W X 88"H

Main doors: (inside) 43"W X 81"H

North Exit loading doors: 31"W X 81"H


Touring Disconnect: 100amp touring disconnect














Download forms and information for:



Technical Rider

Seating plan

Stage blueprint

Lighting plot

Sound plot

Operations Manual (Also known as the "Red" book)

Music Performance rights



Accident report forms

Operations Manual (Also known as the "Red" book)

Cue sheet

Lighting plot

Sound plot


General Downloads:

Music Hall Stage

Music Hall Main Floor

Music Hall Balcony

Music Hall Basement





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