Winter Music Hall 2019 Update

Winter Music Hall 2019 Update

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The Uxbridge Music Hall Advisory Board has made some big changes over the past few months and we wanted to update you on what's been happening that may affect  .


Parking on the street outside of the Music Hall is limited to a 2 hour period.  The by-law department make visits when someone on the street complains about vehicles being parked too long on the street.  If you are in the hall during your rental period and you receive a parking ticket, please submit your ticket to a Music Hall Advisory Board member for them to attempt to process it for you.


The Music Hall Advisory Board will strive to keep you up-to-date on any changes at the Music Hall in a quarterly newsletter produced just for you.  Should you have any questions, or comments, please let us know by replying to this email or filling out the short exit survey for every rental.

The Music Hall Advisory Board is looking for your feedback.  Should you experience any issues, both positive and negative, please let us know in our new Exit Survey.  You, the renter, will receive this survey request from us at the end of your rental period to see if you experienced any issues and to help us to determine your group's needs for future rental periods.  You can view and/or fill out the exit survey here.

Some of you may not have seen or experienced some of the new lights and the projector at the Music Hall.  There are two additional moving lights on the balcony lighting grid, five new LED fixed light fixtures on the balcony lighting grid and 3 new LED cyc lights above the stage.  The LED lighting is crisp, clean and bright and has the ability to add more colour and pizazz to your next event.  We strongly recommend that you work with a lighting designer and experienced lighting technician to maximize the capabilities of all of the new and existing equipment at the Music Hall.


There is also a new 4K capable 10,000 lumen digital projector in the Music Hall.  The digital projection experience will be even better than the previous experiences for your audience.  The projector is bright enough that it allows for stage lights to be at full brightness and the projection is still crisp, clean and bright for all to see.  Connecting options to the digital projector include HDMI, RGB and Component connections allowing the most current, and old-school connection abilities for your digital projection needs. 

The current Tech Booth computer has been retired due to its inability to offer HDMI.  Given the current standard that most individuals have a digital device to run sound effects, music and/or digital video you will now need to bring in your own computer to operate sound effects and/or digital projection.



The Music Hall Advisory Board has initiated a new Exit Survey for all renters to fill out, to help us streamline the needs of the users and to let us know of any issues you may have experienced during your rental period.  This survey can also be used to notify us of any "wishes" that your organisation may have for upgrades in the Music Hall.  This may include specific types of sound equipment, lights, curtains, special effects, etc.


You are receiving this newsletter as you are a renter of the Uxbridge Music Hall and have rented the hall in the past.  Should you wish to be removed from this newsletter, please Unsubscribe and we will remove your name from this list.


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