Access2 program at the Uxbridge Music Hall

Access2 program at the Uxbridge Music Hall

News for the renters of Uxbridge Music Hall

Summer 2023

In keeping with the new AODA legislation through the Province of Ontario, The Uxbridge Music Hall Advisory Board is pleased to announce a new partnership with Access2, an Easter Seals Canada Program. 


"Through the program, people with permanent disabilities who require a support person carry a personalized Access 2 card with them (an authorized healthcare provider certifies the need for an attendant during the application process). The card indicates to the ticket seller that the individual requires the support of an attendant.


Participating venues grant one free or discounted admission for the support person while the person with the disability pays their regular admission fee. This helps ensure all individuals receive the support they need to participate fully in entertainment, recreational and cultural opportunities." (


We think that this is an excellent opportunity for the Uxbridge Music Hall to allow individuals to reach people that may not necessarily be able to attend an event like yours. Not only that but this program reaches 70,000 people in a monthly newsletter notifying them of your upcoming event(s).

The Music Hall board has decided to proceed with this program and the Access2 program has begun.  The policy right now is individuals requiring a ticket through the Access2 program need to call the ticket hotline at 1-866-808-2006 to order their tickets.
We don't want to overly complicate the discount being offered.  We were initially thinking of a buy 1 ticket at full price and receive the second ticket free (for the support person). However your event may need to offer a different discount.  ie: 50% off the second ticket purchased.  If your organisation would like to offer something other than the buy 1 ticket at full price and receive the second ticket fee (for the support person), please email Joel and let him know what your discount preference is.  You can reach him by replying to this email.
Thanks for being a part of this program and we look forward to putting more bums in the seats for your future events.

Thanks for your time. | 16 Main St. S. Uxbridge, ON. |